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Stress-free Cooking for Busy People

After a long day at work, it’s tempting to just order in or buy what’s convenient even though we know those food options aren’t the best for our bodies. But we can break out of our routine, it’s not going to be every meal, but every time we cook, we have the opportunity to improve our bodies, our minds, and our world.

Discover Personalised Recipes

Looking for vegetarian, gluten-free options, or can’t eat soy? With our new recipe app, filter out recipes based on your health goal, diet and allergies.
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Customise, Save and Cook

Cooking for yourself or hosting a dinner? No more calculation, easily customise serving sizes. Look for your next meal on the go, save it and your family members can view it as well. Cook with step-by-step directions and videos.

Smart Grocery List

Transform any recipe into a smart shopping list! Empty your mental load in an organised list for a more quick and convenient grocery shopping journey.



From farm to table, these brands are our favorite finds – people who help us become the best version of ourselves. We love what they do, and we especially love sharing them with you.


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