This year, Thanksgiving falls on Thursday 25th November! While it might not be a public holiday in Singapore, it’s still a good opportunity to host a feast (with family and maybe a couple of friends if you want!) to give thanks and celebrate the blessings of the past year. Food plays a big part in the celebration, so we’ve rounded up our Top 12 Thanksgiving Recipes by home cooks in Singapore that you need to try making ASAP!

Recipe #1 – Baked Sweet Potato with Marshmallows

by: Happyonionbakes

Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows is a popular dish for Thanksgiving as it adds a great flavour to the table! This recipe is to die for – sweet potato, butter, cream and marshmallows are baked until perfectly brown and gooey on top.

Recipe #2 – Baked Turkey with Bacon

by: Sharefood SG

What’s a Thanksgiving feast without the centrepiece of Turkey? This is by far the simplest baked turkey with bacon recipe we’ve seen! Take slices of your baked turkey and make a turkey sandwich for a great snack or serve it whole for a sumptuous dinner together with your family.

Recipe #3 – Mashed Potatoes (Rice Cooker)

by: anythingjamie

Everybody loves a good potato dish (we know we do!), so why not stick with a classic – mashed potatoes! Did you know they can easily be made in a rice cooker? Cook using chicken stock and add some cheese for extra flavour.

Recipe #4 – Baked Mushroom with Cheese and Egg

by: The Laughing Cow

These little things are an absolute joy to make… and taste! Have a go, and impress your loved ones with these cheesy, eggy, tender stuffed mushrooms. Now that’s what we call a great appetizer!

Recipe #5 – Salted Egg Macaroni and Cheese

by: Knorr

While this may not be a classic Thanksgiving recipe, it’s definitely a must-have if there are kids at the dining table! Nothing is quite as comforting as gooey, creamy, and cheesy macaroni… P.S. this recipe also has a local twist by using salted egg yolk powder!

Recipe #6 – Brussel Sprouts

by: Kenneth Yeo

While it’s hard to find affordable brussel sprouts during the year in Singapore, this Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas time is actually a great time to find them at the supermarkets (and at a cheap price too!). Add some simple seasonings like salt, pepper and lemon, and pop the brussel sprouts into the air-fryer for a quick and easy side dish.

Recipe #7 – Oat Flour Potato Buns

by: monoandco

Bread always makes a good accompaniment to a hearty meal, so why not try these super soft oat potato buns! Once they come out of the oven all golden brown and buttery, you won’t be able to resist eating them!

Recipe #8 – Herb Roasted Sweet Potatoes

by: Modern Mum

A delicious and simple side dish with easy seasonings. Add this to your list of must-try Thanksgiving recipes! Tip: For extra crispy sweet potatoes, broil on high for 2-3 minutes at the end!

Recipe #9 – Apple Pie

by: ZaTaYaYummy

Caramelised apples spiced with cinnamon and encased in a flaky pie crust… what more could you want? Make a classic crowd-pleaser apple pie by following this recipe now.

Recipe #10 – Pecan Bars

by: Sho_ba_raj

You might have heard of pecan pie, but did you know you can make pecan bars too? Here’s a very simple recipe of biscuits topped with sweetened pecan nuts that’ll make a perfect dessert at the end of your feast.

Recipe #11 – Purple Sweet Potato Tart

by: Sharefood SG

Sweet potato lends itself well to dessert too! Try making this vibrant, bright and super delicious tart using purple sweet potatoes. It’s not only beautiful to look at, but tasty as well!

Recipe #12 – Carrot Cake

by: she_wan

Here’s delicious and beautiful looking sweet treat to serve at your Thanksgiving gathering! This recipe is easy, egg-free, and also uses coconut milk for extra flavour, pairing well with the carrots, cinnamon & raisins.

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