20 Festive Christmas Recipes for Celebrations in Singapore

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It’s that time of the year… the festive season is here! Christmas meals are all about having good food and good company, so why not get a head start by planning your feast menu. We’ve compiled our Best Community-Contributed Christmas Recipes (10 Savoury + 10 Sweet) to give you plenty of inspiration.

Savoury Christmas Recipes

Orange, Fennel & Ginger Roast Chicken

Roasted Chicken With Orange, Fennel & Ginger
Recipe by: Wanda Sutji

A flavourful roasted chicken dish which not only tastes so good, but is also so aromatic! Wow your guests with a refreshing and tangy main.

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie
Recipe by: the_isia

Make a quick and easy Shepherd’s Pie using canned Corned Beef! It’s so delicious and perfect for your Christmas gathering.

‘Roasted Turkey’ Bread

‘Roasted Turkey’ Bread
Recipe by: Cathy Ng

Don’t you think this looks like a real turkey? This can go onto any family Christmas feasting table & even be the centerpiece. 

Stuffed Chicken Thigh & Brussel Sprouts

Stuffed Chicken Thighs and Brussel Sprouts
Recipe by: Reubenwenhao

The chicken is stuffed with ham and mushrooms, paired with an iconic side dish of brussel sprouts. Definitely an impressive plate!

Abalone Bruschetta

Abalone Bruschetta
Recipe by: the_isia

An Asian twist on the classic Italian starter. Simply use canned Abalone to make this show-stopping and delicious canapé.

Ham & Potato Wreath

Recipe by: MeJTime

Want to celebrate with the ever so iconic honey glazed ham but afraid of leftovers? Fret not! Make this hearty and delicious dish.

Christmas Gyudon (The Joy Bowl)

Recipe by: She_wan

Celebrate with a bowl of piping hot brown rice with beef stew and veggies. A delicious and healthy meal to bring joy to everyone!

Minced Chicken Rolls with Potato Salad

Minced Chicken Rolls with Christmas Tree Potato Salad
Recipe by: Strawbeariemilk

A simple minced chicken roll simmered in tomato sauce served with potato salad Christmas tree. Perfect for a simple Christmas meal.

Christmas Baked Turkey with Bacon

Christmas Baked Turkey with Bacon
Recipe by: Sharefood

One of the simplest baked turkey with bacon recipes! Serve it whole for a sumptuous dinner together with your family.

Christmas Tree Puff

Christmas Tree Puff
Recipe by: AT Kawashima Kitchen

Spend the wonderful time with your little ones by baking this Christmas Tree Puff! Serve with any dip you like.

Sweet Christmas Recipes

Gingerbread-Man Cookies

Gingerbread Man Cookies
Recipe by: miss_polkadot

You can’t go wrong with classic Gingerbread cookies! Cut them into any shape and decorate with royal icing.

Petite Panettone

Petite Panettone
Recipe by: Strawbeariemilk

A rich, buttery and sweet Christmas bread filled with dried fruits. This recipe is for a quick, simple panettone in Petite size!

Mini Reindeer Croffle

Mini Reindeer Croffle
Recipe by: Vincas_kitchen

You can easily make this croissant and waffle hybrid at home using ready to roll pastry sheets and a waffle maker!

Failproof Crunchy Butter Cookies

Failproof Crunchy Butter Cookies
Recipe by: Joey Foo

This dough needs no refrigeration, won’t stick to cookie cutters, bakes flat and crunchy. Enjoy these not so sweet yet buttery treats!

Christmas Tree In a Pot

Christmas Tree In a Pot
Recipe by: ZaTaYaYummy

Christmas tree sugar cookies combine with chocolate chip cookie pots. This one is definitely for the cookie lovers!

Boozy Christmas Fruitcake

Recipe by: Mia F.

A boozy Christmas cake that’s actually more booze and dried fruits than cake itself! Christmas is all about indulgence 🙂

Christmas Milk Bread

Christmas milk bread
Recipe by: Lilicious_food

Have fun shaping these festive pull apart buns! Colour the dough based on which characters you’d like to make.

Oatmeal Cinnamon Walnut Cookies

Oatmeal cinnamon walnut cookies
Recipe by: Neha

Looking to munch on healthier cookies this festive season? Make these simple nutty and spiced cookies.

Cinnamon Star Bread

Christmas cinnamon star bread
Recipe by: Lilicious_food

Filled with a buttery cinnamon brown sugar filling with cranberries and walnut, your house will be smelling heavenly!

Apricot Truffles

Apricot Truffles
Recipe by: Lhen’s Cakes Corner

These delicious truffles are perfect treat or gift. Simple and easy to make and you’ll definitely be coming back for more!

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