Dessert Challenge (Aug 23rd - Sept 5th)

Make a Creative Dessert to celebrate YoRipe's 2nd Birthday!

What’s a birthday celebration without dessert? Show off your YoRipe spirit in this exciting challenge. Take inspiration from the YoRipe logo, colours and community to make a creative dessert fit for our birthday celebration.

3 esteemed dessert-loving judges from the YoRipe team will pick winners for:

Best YoRipe spirit

Show your love for YoRipe and the community! You could take inspiration from our logo, colours or anything that reminds you of YoRipe.

Most creative dessert

Put that amazing imagination to good use! Wow us with your creativity whether it's presentation or dessert concept.

Most interesting flavoured dessert

Impress us with your flavourful creations! While we may not be able to taste it (sadly) we'd love to see what creative sweets you make.

3 winners will each win special YoRipe 2 Years Goodies!