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With so many ways to cook our favourite food, why not choose healthier food preparation methods like grilling, baking or steaming, instead of deep frying your food! You’ll find new ways to enhance taste without adding unhealthy fats, and still end up with a mouthwateringly good dish.

Method #1 – Steaming

If you’re looking to retain the natural goodness of your ingredients, steaming is the way to go! Not only is it extremely healthy since it uses no oil, but it’s also fuss-free. Simply prepare your veggies or fish, season lightly with salt or lemon, and let the steam work it’s magic!

Experiment in the kitchen with these yummy recipes cooked with steam:

Chawanmushi Tofu Crabmeat

Recipe by: foodie.fit.mum

Steamed Fish

Recipe by: vnm_lee

Method #2 – Boil

One of the easiest ways to cook healthier is boiling ingredients for a nourishing soup or stew. No oil is needed as well! By boiling your meat, not only does it tenderise but it allows the fat and impurities to rise to the top to be easily removed. For vegetables, the antioxidants are preserved and it’s easier to digest.

Need inspiration for your next healthy boiled soup or stew? Check out these recipes:

Snow Fungus Chicken Soup

Recipe by: Sharefood

Barramundi Tomato Stew with Pasta

Recipe by: Kuhlbarra

Method #3 – Grill

Grilling food not only adds a nice smoky flavour but also allows for the fat to drip away, leaving you with a lower fat and healthier meal. Get creative with marinades to flavour your favourite meats, fish, veggies and fruits into a tender and juicy cooked dish.

You have to try these 2 amazing grilled recipes:

Grilled Sweet Sauce Fish

Recipe by: She_wan

Thai-Style Grilled Corn

Recipe by: Tofuandvanilla

Method #4 – Bake

By using your oven, you are able to cook food slowly and evenly with constant dry heat. You generally need little or no oil, but you can still get golden brown and crispy delights! Like grilling, you can experiment with marinades and seasoning to get the flavours you want.

Preheat your oven and start baking these recipes:

Baked Whole Side of Salmon

Recipe by: Sasha’s Fine Foods

Baked Miso Eggplant

Recipe by: healthyfoodlady

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