Things might be difficult with what’s happening around the world right now. With the corona virus outbreak some of us might have been asked to work remotely, which could be a challenge to balance both work life and home life – in addition to taking care of our overall health. But there’s no need to worry, YoRipe is here to help by providing 4 ways to help you stay happy and healthy while you’re working from home – both physically and mentally

1. Set a Schedule

When working from home, it might be harder to distinguish between work time and break time as technically you can just keep on working whenever – which could eventually lead to problems such as burn out. Try to think of your work-from-home hours the same way you do as your office hours. Choose your start time, lunch time and end-day time, that way you can maintain a healthy work life balance even from home!

2. Get up & Keep Moving

Even when you’re working from home, it’s good to get up and stretch your body after long periods of sitting down. A couple of things you can do is:

  • Stand up and pace around during conference calls
  • Lifting light hand weights while you work
  • Set a timer to help remind you to stop and stretch (eg. Stretch break once every 1 or 2 hours)

3. Protect your Mental Wellness

We know it’s hard to keep your positivity up during these challenging times but we have to remember to take care of our mental health and keep our spirits up – especially because mental health can have an affect on our physical health as well.

So rather than feeling stagnant and anxious from refreshing the news over and over, shake things up and try these activities instead in your spare time:

4. Eat Healthy, Be Healthy

Embark on that ‘Eat Healthier’ resolution you’ve always been procrastinating on!  There’s no better timing than now! Here are some ways YoRipe can help you:

Grocery Shopping:

Avoid crowds by online grocery shopping through places like FairPrice and Redmart.

Additionally, you can boost your Immunity with Superfood ingredients such as spirulina, baobab, turmeric and pili nuts.

You can easily find these ingredients from our partners:

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To maintain your immune system, you need to have, among others, a balanced diet and enough hydration.

Try to consume a balanced diet everyday, containing all the essential food groups:

  • Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dairy
  • Protein (lean meat/poultry/fish/eggs/legumes)

Consuming meals that includes the 5 essential food groups can help lower your risk of getting sick as you’d be able to consume the necessary vitamins and minerals your body needs to maintain your immune system – These include, but not limited to, VITAMIN C, A, E, IRON, PHOSPHORUS and ANTIOXIDANTS.

You can find more information about Diets and Immunity in our article HERE.

A Bit Lost on what to cook?

Here are a couple of Quick-n-Easy One-Pot Meal Ideas that are rich in nutrients and you can try anytime at home:

  1. Veggie Chicken Pesto by The Meat Club
  2. Hamburger Stew by Ginger and Cilantro
  3. Rainbow Tuna Bihun by Ayam Brand

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