Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food


What you put into your body is really just as important as exercise for health. This week, as I battle a cold, I decided to put together this list of hot, nourishing recipes for myself and anyone out there feeling under the weather. I hope these recipes help you feel better as they did for me 🙂

1. Porridge with Minced Pork and Crispy Shallots by Yummly

Ah, congee, porridge, whatever you call it – this is a must-have when you’re sick, or on the verge of feeling sick. There are so many choices – fish porridge, century egg porridge, I could go on and on. Plus, It is really not difficult to make. Start treating your body right. Once you master how to cook porridge, you don’t have to rely on the MSG-laden ones you get outside. For more porridge recipes, click here!

2. Lotus Root with Peanut and Chicken Soup by Knorr

Lotus Root Soup is one of my all time favourite Chinese soups. The crunchiness of the lotus root, the fragrance of broth cooked with chicken and peanuts instantly fills my heart and stomach up with warmth.

3. Winter Melon Soup by Ginger and Cilantro

Winter Melon Soup
Image: Winter Melon Soup by Ginger and Cilantro

There is just something about Chinese soups that is so comforting. It’s not too heavy, it’s nutritious and fragrant. Most importantly, it’s easy to make – you can add any leftover vegetables you have in your fridge to this Winter Melon soup. Your cold will be gone in a few days!

4. Steamed Egg with Prawns and Mushroom by ShareFood

Craving something savoury? This dish is an alternative to the usual steamed egg with minced pork. Not only is this dish healthy and fragrant, it is super easy to make! Soft steamed egg topped with delicious prawns and mushrooms, glazed with a heavenly oyster sauce. Who said food for the sick must be miserable?

5. Mushroom Soup by Ginger and Cilantro

Mushroom Soup
Image: Mushroom Soup by Ginger and Cilantro

A classic soup for all my mushroom lovers out there! I cannot explain the comfort a nice warm bowl of mushroom soup paired with toasted bread gives me. Breathing in the aroma of different types of mushrooms blended together is enough to cure my cold.