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Working from home during the weekdays and continuing to stay at home during the weekends can take a toll on both our physical and mental well-being.

We might even find ourselves feeling more stagnant and stressed than usual during this current quarantine period, especially when we continue to listen in on what’s happening with the Covid-19 situation around the world everyday.

As a result, some of us might have turned towards stress and binge eating as a way to cope with what’s happening all around us – triggering our cravings for our favourite comfort foods (which might not be the most healthiest choices).

YoRipe is here to help you out during these trying times. So here are 5 Tips to help keep your Diet during Quarantine:

1. Plan your Snacks

Just like your meals, plan out your snack time too! This will not only help decrease your likelihood of over-snacking but will also help to plan what you eat as well!

Create a proper Shopping list with all you plan to buy and STICK to it, so the next time you plan on dropping into the supermarket you can avoid impulse buying out snacks. Proper planning can also help to avoid over hoarding of food in your house.

2. Watch your Portion Sizes

One point people can forget is that portion sizes matter a lot in helping to keep your waistlines. Make sure to continue to exercise portion control for all your meals and try to avoid going for seconds and thirds – instead you can opt to eat a healthy snack later on when your tummy starts to rumble again.

3. Limit your Sugar & Fat Intake

Now THIS is something you need to remember at all times. It is really important to limit your sugar and fat intake (especially now that you’re quarantined, you’re also getting less physical exercise). So instead of dropping those fatty meats, chips and cookies in your next shopping list, switch things up and go for healthier alternatives instead!

Try substituting junk with ‘real food’:

  1. Fatty meats → Lean cuts of meat
  2. Potato Chips → Assorted nuts and seeds
  3. Ice Cream → Frozen Greek Yoghurt/Fruit Smoothies
  4. Cookies → Fresh fruit
  5. Soft drinks → Fresh fruit juices, milk/plant milk, green tea

4. Consume enough Fibre

Consuming more fibre in your diet is a great way to give you more nutrients as well as help keep your cravings and appetite under control. This is because fibre can help give a prolonged feeling of fullness which can help prevent overeating and snacking.

Go for more leafy vegetables, fruits and wholegrain foods to increase your fibre intake in your daily meals! (eg. oats, brown pasta, brown rice, quinoa, apples, carrots, broccoli)

5. Get up and Do some Exercise

Even if you’re stuck at home, doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to skimp out on the exercise! You still need to move your body around.

Take a short morning jog or walk just outside your house before or after work hours in the morning or evening, get up, stretch and walk around your own house during work breaks or you can even sign up for an online yoga class!

Moving around can not only help maintain your weight and waistline but will also help improve your mental health as exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that improve your mood. Exercising regularly can help reduce symptoms of stress and mental health issues (which in turn can help curb binge-eating tendencies)

Still confused on what to eat?

Don’t Worry, we have you covered as well for that! We’ll give you quick and healthy recipes that you can cook while you work from home (only takes 15 minutes!):

  1. Stir-Fry Holland Peas with Mushroom by Leonard Oh
  2. Steam Cod Steak by Song Fish
  3. Sweet Spicy Steam Squid by Song Fish

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