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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! For the daughters or sons out there who still don’t know what to do to show your Dad some appreciation, we got you covered. Cooking a nice hearty meal is one of the most sincere things you can do for someone you care about. I recently read an article about the emotional benefits of cooking – both for yourself and even more so for others. After all, food is best enjoyed with people you love.

We curated a list of recipes for all the different kinds of Dads out there – from carb-loving Dads to vegan dads 🙂 Do something special for your Dad this Father’s Day!

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1. Dad’s Chinese Chicken Wings from Yummly: For the Fun-loving Dad

Unlike normal deep-fried wings, these wings are roasted in high heat. This is a healthier alternative and the soy sauce and rice wine sauce with the fresh taste of scallions is sure to make your Dad a happy one this Father’s Day!

2. Grandma’s Glutinous Rice by Knorr: For the Carb-loving Dad

Grandmas Glutinous Rice

The fragrance of this dish is truly out of this world. Glutinous rice is a must-have dimsum for my family and friends. The chewiness of the glutinous rice together with the savoury dried prawns, mushrooms and shallots is definitely a treat for any carb-loving Dad.

3. Crispy Roast Pork (Siew Yoke) from Yummly: For the Hearty Dad

Don’t be intimidated by this dish – the sauce only requires 6 ingredients! Just like how the delicious and fatty char-siew will melt in your Dad’s mouth, your efforts will melt your Dad’s heart 💕

4. Golden Prawn Balls by Knorr: For the Pescatarian Dad

Golden Prawn Balls

These fried prawn balls are the perfect snack for a movie night at home.

5. Coconut Rice Pudding with Ginger Asian Pears from Yummly: For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth

Coconut Rice Pudding with Gingered Asian Pears

If your Dad is a dessert-lover like mine, try making this adventurous dessert with hints of ginger, coconut milk and crunchy pears!

6. Braised Chinese Mushrooms and Vegetables by Knorr: For the Vegan or Vegetarian Dad

For the vegetarian or vegan Dads – this classic one-pot dish is easy to make and is sure to fill your family’s stomach 🙂