Whether you call the festival of lights as ‘Deepavali’ or ‘Diwali’, we all know that a must-have for celebrations is the tasty sweets and savouries! Here are 7 easy and delicious Deepavali Recipes from YoRipe’s Singapore home cooks:

Recipe #1 – Besan Ladoo

Besan Ladoo
Recipe by: Neha

If you’re a fan of melt-in-the-mouth desserts, you have to try this making this sweet treat! Besan (also known as gram flour or chickpea flour) is a popular ingredient in Indian cuisine, and provides good texture and flavour when roasted for this recipe. You only need 5 ingredients and this sweet will be ready in under an hour!

Recipe #2 – Easy Gajar Halwa

Recipe by: Ginger & Cilantro

This is a super easy version of a traditional Indian dessert. Made with carrots, this sweet yet savoury treat is colorful and also healthier than the regular varieties of halwa!

Recipe #3 – Kaju Katli

A delicious and addictive sweet made with cashews. A must try for Deepavali! It’s quite simple to make yet so satisfying with its nutty taste and fudge-like consistency. You can even be fancy and add edible silver foil on top!

Recipe #4 – Potato Samosas

Recipe by: Commune Kitchen

You can’t go wrong with these golden crispy morsels of spiced potato stuffing! These will be a hit with both adults and kids – everyone will want seconds!

Recipe #5 – Onion Bhajis

Recipe by: Commune Kitchen

A delightful snack item that is really quick to make! These crispy spiced onion bundles are best eaten hot and immediately after frying. Serve them with mint chutney as a dipping sauce for an extra flavour combo!

Recipe #6 – Chicken Briyani

Recipe by: Rani

Briyani is a popular dish with many locals who enjoy Indian cuisine. This version with chicken is a lighter meal than the mutton version, but still carrying the flavours of a good briyani!

Recipe #7 – Palak Paneer

Recipe by: she_wan

Palak Paneer is a restaurant delight of spinach puree cooked with paneer (cottage cheese cubes). The fragrance and taste is amazing, even kids will love it since there’s no ‘Green veggie’ smell or taste! Pair it with chapati, prata, naan or rice.

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