What’s better than an easy breakfast that you can grab on the go without requiring a lot of preparation in the morning! One wonderful choice that always comes to mind when looking for a hassle-free breakfast is bread. You can buy from the store, keep it for days or weeks, and have it ready to eat on any day.

But isn’t it boring to buy the same thing over and over again from the store? The good news is, you can actually bake one for yourself and make it as you like. Don’t know where to start? Here’s some Bread Recipes for inspiration that you can easily modify later on!

Homer Simpson Breakfast Cereal

1. Pandan Kaya Bread

Who says that you can’t make soft and sweet bread like they do in bakeries? All you need is the right tools and this recipe! The addition of Pandan and Kaya gives the aromatic and sweetness to the soft dough. It’s delicious and looks fancy as well!

2. Baked Donuts

Fried donuts are not so healthy… How about baked donuts? This doughnut is definitely less greasy than usual, meaning that you can keep it for longer and it will still taste the same like the day you baked it. You can add fancy toppings, or not at all, or maybe stick to the recipe to enjoy the classic donut taste.

3. Steamed Peanut Butter Buns

No oven? No Worries! Don’t forget that you can make steamed buns. These steamed buns filled with peanut butter make a great breakfast. If you that want to make a truly easy breakfast without needing special tools, we highly recommend you try this recipe!

4. Petit Wholemeal Bread with Fruits and Nuts

Wholemeal bread is known for its richness in dietary fiber that will make your stomach healthier. But you can always add dried fruits and nuts of your choice to add flavour and additional nutrition to your breakfast menu. This one will definitely taste like the ones that you bought from the bakery!

5. Vegan Sweet Bread (Roti Sisir / 排包)

Vegans can also eat bread! For those of you who are seeking this kind of option, there’s not a lot of bakeries that have this kind of bread. So this recipe will definitely help you to enjoy bread at home! Yeah, we know this bread only uses plant-based ingredients, but it still tastes good! Even non-vegans will definitely enjoy this batch of bread.

Now what’s left to do is to bake (or steam) one of these and enjoy your hassle-free and healthy breakfast. Find more bread recipes on YoRipe!