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YoRipe brings recipe partners, retailers, brands together and closer to the consumers as they plan for their family’s needs.



Food & beverage brands can engage their customers during their meal planning and preparation on YoRipe.

Through targeting, we help brands to be discovered by new customers. By recommending the right product at the right time, brands gain higher conversion and brand affinity. 

Brands can also rely on us to understand the latest consumer trends and insights into their planning, shopping and cooking. 



YoRipe drives foot traffic to brick & mortar stores and fuels omni-channel retail. 

Retailers can advertise real-time promotions and activities to nearby customers in the app. By listing promotions in the app, the retailer reaches digital savvy customers. 

To create better and seamless shopping experience, retailers can work with YoRipe to offer click & collect grocery shopping, attracting more convenience-driven customers.

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Gain new audience for your recipes and food content. 

As the one-stop kitchen assistant app, YoRipe offers the ideal starting point for household managers to plan meals on their mobile phone.


From farm to table, these brands are our favourite finds – people who help us become the best version of ourselves. We love what they do, and we especially love sharing them with you.