We’re so excited to bring back the YoRipe Farmers’ Market after 2 years! And this time we’re inviting all the foodies to meet us at a special pop-up at the much anticipated Singapore Food Festival 2022. The special pop-up of 2 days will once again gather passionate people behind amazing produce and products so you’ll be sure to walk away armed with quality new discoveries and knowledge for cooking, eating, and living better

Meet YoRipe and Friends on Saturday, 3rd & Sunday, 4th September 2022 @Bayfront Event Space (outside MBS, near Red Dot Design Museum)


Vendor information

We can’t resist giving you a sneak peek at YoRipe’s carefully handpicked vendors: plant-based superfood & acai bowls Gratefood keto & paleo-friendly pili nuts Pili Pushers, Stingless bee honey products Anaya sugar-free probiotics & tonics brand Akesi (tbc), Mushrooms based ready-to-eat soups and more VEG Station Singapore, all things egg Dasoon, delicious, healthful and flavourful specialty tea blends and teaware The Lily Yard, Sustainable Home Decor Monkey Loot and Artisanal home & living products Poasia Home


The Lily Yard- @---

Enjoy our delicious, healthful and flavourful specialty tea blends!

Monkey Loot and Poasia Home - @---

Spruce homes with artisanal handcrafted items from homewares to textile

Gratefood - @---

Gratefood brings you delicious superfood within reach to nourish your body and soul.

GTCL - @---

The GTCL company, including Anaya and Pili Pushers in its collection, is founded on the mission to improve well-being through delectable gourmet superfoods produced consciously and sustainably

Dasoon- @---

All things Eggs

Clap - @---

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Meet and Found the latest product, taste unique healthy treats and walk away with knowledge to make positive change in your lifestyle. - YoRipe and Friends