We all have these moments that we feel so stressed out that even after we got home, we do not know what to do or how to relax. What would you do in this case? Get a glass or two of wine, stress eating, or even smoke a cigarette? The trouble is, after one of those activities, you’re rarely left actually feeling better—right? in fact, you usually feel worse, leading to added stress.

But what if one of the best stress relief activities is actually something good for you and your wallet and it’s fun? Yes, you guessed it: It’s cooking. Well, the only caveat here might be it takes time. But with smart planning (thanks to YoRipe 😉 ) and supermarkets in almost every corner, you can relieve stress and feel so much better in just 30mins! Here are 5 simple and good for you dishes that can be made under 30 mins. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy 🙂

1. Roasted Broccoli Brown Rice Salad with Almonds & Chickpeas by Modern Mum

Roasted Broccoli Brown Rice Salad with Almonds & Chickpeas

With Modern Mum’s pre-washed and pre-cut broccoli, getting food on the table is even quicker! We love a mix of fresh broccoli taste with chickpeas and crispy almonds. Superfood in a bowl, this is it!

2. Lemongrass Ginger Patties by Ginger and Cilantro

Lemongrass Ginger Patties

These patties are excellent accompany for your next Netflix episode. Plus, they are easy to make and keep well for a week in the fridge!

Tip: Plum and ripe tomatoes add a shot of sweetness and juiciness.

3. Baked Salmon with Crusted Pistachio by Sharefood

If you’re cooking for someone, this is the dish to go for! They’d be impressed with the nutty crust and the special honey lemon mustard sauce. Plus, the dish is low carb and suitable for pescatarian and diabetic friendly diet. 😇

4. Pesto Buckwheat Pasta by YoRipe

Pesto Buckwheat Pasta

We love making this because it’s so fresh and colorful. The pasta we recommend is buckwheat pasta which is gluten-free, so you’d not feel bloated at all after slurping up a full bowl of it.

5. Easy Chicken Curry: for the Soul

Ok, we might be cheating a bit here as some of the curries need more than 30 mins to prepare. But we thought what if 30 mins of good, soothing and creativity moment is not enough? And who doesn’t love a good bowl of hot chicken curry to warm up our soul? 🙂

Working long hours on a laptop, non-stop texting and talking to people over webinars can feel quite disconnected to the real world. For me, cooking always help me to clear my mind and make me feel great that I’m creating something from scratch with my hands. I hope you’ll give cooking a try next time you feel stressed out and let us know how it goes?

With love,