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Get 30+ new recipes every week. Asian cuisine, western, one pot meals and more in YoRipe app (free)

Our previous offering: Easy cooking with fresh ingredients and delicious recipes by local chefs

Nutritious meals
Minimum cooking time

Enjoy nice cooking - no more headache, we planned for you and offer recipes

Wet market freshness

We know what’s the best and freshest in the market!


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Free Tues, Thurs & Saturday delivery. Fast delivery, skip the queue, support local businesses

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Orders are closed! Thank you for your support 🙂


To make life easier for you, for suppliers and logistic partners. The baskets are curated with matching recipes so you don’t have to feel knowing what to cook. In addition, pre-pack selection enables us to reduce cost in logistics and time so you can get fresher products at lower prices. Everyone wins. 🙂 


We source freshest ingredients from our trusted suppliers who supply ingredients to restaurants and wet markets. When you buy from us, you’re also helping these suppliers to cope with their drop in business due to circuit breaker measures. #supportlocal

Currently we do not offer customisation of the basket in order to offer the best pricing and fast delivery. But we change our menu regularly and would appreciate it if you share your cravings so we can take into consideration as we update our menu

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 8a.m. to 6p.m


All recipes are available in YoRipe app which you can access for free, anytime, anywhere. Click here to get YoRipe on your phone.

You’d get all essential ingredients you need for the recipes recommended. We list the ingredients that are not included in the basket (most of them are pantry items like oil, soy sauce, salt & pepper, butter, etc. that we think you’d already have at home). There will be some extra ingredients due to the minimum packaging of ingredients which you can cook them to your own preferences, or use the Kitchen feature in YoRipe app to find ideas with what you have at home. 😉

The fish fillets are debone and ready for cooking. The chicken can be chopped to parts too for your convenience. While the vegetables and mushrooms are not chopped or washed to ensure the longest shelf life, nevertheless they’re carefully packed by our supplier.

You can state your preference to receive a basket every week or every month in the comments section of the order form and we’ll confirm your order.