Halloween is coming up, so why not surprise the kids with some spooky Halloween themed food! We may not be able to throw as big Halloween parties in Singapore, but we can still have a good time with great Halloween treats.

Here are our top picks for savoury, sweet, and all the things perfect for a trick or treat:

Treat #1 – Spooky Peanut Butter Cups

Recipe by: Popozwen

Make your own spooky peanut butter cups for Halloween with just 4 simple ingredients! You can be creative with the designs and even get the kids involved.

Treat #2 –Cheesy Witch Finger with Dip

Recipe by: Kate_insigne

Who would have thought that strips of pizza can be transformed so easily into eerie Witch Fingers? Serve with a dip and you’ve got yourself a seriously spooky platter of finger food (literally) that the kids will enjoy!

Treat #3 – Cheesy Halloween Pizza

Recipe by: Kate_insigne

Pizza really makes such a great blank canvas! Try these cheesy halloween pizzas with olive spiders, cheese mummies, and even a jack-o-lantern carved pumpkin. The perfect party food for your kiddos to eat with their friends.

Treat #4 – Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Pumpkin Curry

Recipe by: Strawbeariemilk

Looking for Asian food with a spooky twist? A cute pumpkin shaped rice ball served with Japanese curry makes a simple yet impressive Halloween themed dish that you can eat at any point during the day.

Treat #5 – Spooky Mi Goreng

Spooky Mi Goreng
Recipe by: munchwithvienna

Instead of just snacks or finger food, why not make a spooky meal of Mi Goreng! The combination of savoury, sweet and spicy flavours with crunchy fried shallots turns this springy noodle into a great Halloween themed meal with an Asian twist!

Treat #6 –Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Salad

Jack-O-Lantern’s are not restricted just to pumpkins! This recipe uses bell peppers for kid-friendly salad is perfect celebrate halloween in a healthy and fun way. A great ideas to get the veggies in.

Treat #7 – Pumpkin Shaped Buns

Recipe by: monoandco

For a festive bake, make these cute pumpkin shaped buns as a Halloween or autumn treat! All you need is some string to achieve the cute pumpkin shape.

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