This year let us take some time out to understand what changes can be made to the diet when you are fighting diabetes. Adopting a diabetic friendly diet will help you feel better, rejuvenated and reduce the risk of your conditions worsening. Diabetic friendly diet is defined as a diet utilised to manage blood sugar levels to reduce symptomatic risks related to Diabetes Mellitus. This diet must be adopted by those who are diagnosed medically with type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic. It is not necessary that this diagnosis marks the end of your indulgence and a strict no to your cravings. Having a balanced diet can help you go a long way. In this article, I will highlight on how you can substitute white carbs so that your blood sugar levels do not shoot up. Carbohydrate rich foods will break down to give glucose as they are made up of starch. Hence consumption of too much carbs will release excess glucose, and this is trouble.

Finding alternatives which give you the same flavour and taste might be difficult. But, look out below to see the closest you can get to substituting these carbs for alternatives which are healthier options. This will make your meal prep a lot easier for sure.

1. Quinoa beats white rice

Quinoa salad with tomatoes and lemon (diabetes superfood)

Quinoa is a powerful food famous in the vegan world. It contains heavy protein, much fiber, and more magnesium and calcium than both white and brown rice. Quinoa also has a lower fat content than rice. More fiber content is good because fiber is not easily digested by the body and hence the glucose is not released into the blood stream fast.

2. Break up with hamburger buns for portobello mushrooms

Portobello Mushroom
Portobello mushrooms

Mushrooms contain high fiber, low calories, potassium and B vitamins. Use them as carb substitute for buns. Seriously, hamburger buns do you no good. (source)

3. Potato:”You really should ditch me and choose cauliflower.”


Potatoes are very high in carbohydrates. So now substitute mashed potato for mashed and blended cauliflower. You can salt and pepper to taste. You’ve eliminated 30g per cup, way to go! It is said that you will forget that you are eating potatoes after a few bites. (source)

4. Be more than just normal when you take Low GI rice over normal rice

Low GI rice from the Little Rice company

Low GI means the glucose is released into the blood slowly which is a good thing as your monitor reading will not scare you out after your meal like the usual rice. Check out the low GI rice of the little rice company, Singapore grown brown rice with low GI certification. Check out more about there innovation at: https://www.thelittlericecompany.com/.

5. “Zucchini noodles is healthier”, Pasta agrees

Zucchini noodles

They’re just like they sound: thin ribbons of zucchini tossed in a sauce to mimic the taste of flour pasta but without so much starch. Just need to get used to it slowly.

6. Slice it up with Cucumber slices..no more crackers!

cucumber slices

Sorry, but say goodbye to the crackers and the tons of packaged and process chips in the market. Go for cucumber crackers instead! Cucumbers contain less than half the amount of calories and carbohydrates than one serving of crackers. Spice it up to how you like it, but just be carb-conscious. (https://www.sixpackbags.com/blogs/news/carb-substitutes)

At Yoripe, we promise to be with you at every step of the way. In our app we have many recipes which are diabetic friendly. Here, I will list two of it:

1. Keto Pad Thai with Chicken

Its low carb, low fat, keto and diabetic friendly. Need I say more? Try this recipe out and be amazed! This amazing recipe was shared by Mahota!

2.No Bake Keto Chocolate Protein Bite

Who says you cannot indulge? Try this recipe and you’ll understand what I mean. You’ll enjoy the same great taste of chocolate but in your style. This one is from @charissa_and_co_wellness x Nuzest!

Finally, it is important that the importance of diet is understood when dealing with diabetes. All we ask you is to be conscious but at the same time be creative. These are just some ideas from our end. Feel free to make changes to your liking. Be optimistic and savour every bite, it will all be fine. Browse through Yoripe’s app to get inspired by the range of diabetic friendly recipes that we have. Unwind by cooking and serve yourself foods you have never dreamt of. Remember this: when it comes to diabetes diet, we have your back.

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