2019 is coming to an end soon and let’s take a moment to cherish all the wonderful memories we have created. I really hope that 2019 was a good year for everyone and a one where everyone was able to enjoy life’s finest moments. As 2020 draws near, let us all take time to reflect this past year and see how we can improve it to our benefit the next year. Here, at YoRipe we have some tips for you to lead a healthy lifestyle and make a few small changes. This will improve the overall health of you and your family, increase your productivity and give you ample time to do what you have passion for.

1. Increase how much you move

It is understandable that sitting for extended periods of hours is inevitable due to our jobs or sitting in school. But, sitting for too long can be harmful to health. Although there is no complete proof, sitting for too long can increase the mortality rate (Source). Taking a simple step such as taking a small walk during lunch, getting up every one hour or walking to/from work if it’s close to home will help you very much and take in nature’s fresh air.

2. Improve the quality of your sleep

Sleeping is such an essential part of our lives (We practiced it so much when we were babies just to perfect it!). A good sleep boosts immunity, slims you, boosts mental well being, prevents diabetes and much more. Is this not enough to convince you to get enough sleep? (Source). Try to get around 8 hours of sleep and your good to go. There could be many reasons that might stop you from getting a good night’s rest. If that’s the case, find out what bothers you and rectify it as soon as you can. Rest well!

3. Take more “me time”

This is not selfish. This is the opposite of that. Your body looks after you and works tirelessly for you day and night. Must you not repay it with some gratitude? Do not worry that you may need a lot of time to make this happen. Some reflection on your health, taking a walk amidst nature, cooking your favorite dish or just talking to someone you love; there is nothing definite. Doing what you love and making your heart smile will surely help you lead a better life. Think of it as lubricating the car engine. Can it run if the process is not carried out on time?

4. Cook more often at home

In a large population-based cohort study, it was proved that eating home cooked meals more frequently was associated with better dietary quality than those who ate meals on the go. If you already do not make any meals at home, you can start by making at least one meal every day and thereafter increase the frequency. All that is required is the start. Once you do, I bet no one can stop you as you yourself will notice the positive change! Browse the YoRipe app to find amazing recipes personalized to your taste, diet and health goal. Check it out if you haven’t!


5. Unplug from electronics, every single day

We have the modern technology to thank for our daily routine going haywire. It has led to addiction and over use. Those who overused their phones were more likely to score higher on the depression and anxiety scales, possibly because, according to the study, problematic smartphone use “may interfere with other pleasurable activities and disrupt social activities, thereby reducing behavioral activation and subsequently increasing depression.” (Source). Take time off from your gadgets, maybe even try yoga or meditation to calm your mind and release the strain in your eyes. After all, they have feelings too.

6. Stop dieting, your body needs fuel!

Your body runs with what what you feed it. The healthier you eat, the healthier you become. For 2020, do not set your goal to lose weight. How you lose weight matters. Instead, say that you will eat a more balanced and nutritious diet and make time for physical exercise – this will automatically help you achieve your goal.

7. Live for the day

Stop worrying about yesterday, you cannot go back in time. Do not worry about tomorrow, you are not in complete control of it. What you can control is what you are doing at the moment. Appreciate what’s happening around you, laugh more often and be thankful for the day : these are simple ways that you can be more happy, relaxed and breathe in some goodness in this world.

8. Go on a holiday

Last but not the least, taking a break is important. Recharge and refresh yourself by exploring a place away from home. Don’t worry, it can even be the next village or town. Escaping where you live can make you forget about your daily rigorous routine and enjoy something new. Taking a vacation, even a very short one can have enhanced benefits on your mental health and reduce the stress that makes your heart heavy. (Source).

Some evidence and facts shown above are not to demotivate you or to frighten you. It is important to understand the reality so that we can become more serious towards improving our lifestyle. At Yoripe, we believe in leading a healthy life by cooking more often at home. We pledge to help you at every step of the way in your meal prep- be it vegetables for kids, diabetes or keto friendly rice or even what to eat for dinner. We have healthy chicken breast recipes to lose weight, vegetarian recipesnasi lemak chicken wing recipe, Japanese pork belly recipe and much more. All you need to do is download the YoRipe app and come to an understanding that once you are with us, we will make cooking as interesting as possible.

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We wish you a very healthy, happy and prosperous new year!