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It’s that time of the year! Christmas and New year’s day are right around the corner. Everyone must be busy spending time with loved ones, planning a party at home, travelling to exotic places or simply relaxing at home. Having a long break is wonderful to unwind but not putting in enough effort to look after yourself may have a negative impact on your health. Read on further to understand the simple changes you can make in your daily routine to be in your best health and make the most of your holidays!


1. Be on the Move

It is during the holiday season that we all love to cozy up and glue ourselves to the couch or the bed. Holidays are meant for that but do not sit idle for longer periods of time. Remember to get up every 60 minutes and do a mild activity. It can even be just a slow walk inside your house! Sitting more than eight hours a day without any added physical activity puts your risk of death at levels similar to obesity and smoking. Research shows that breaking up your day with small bursts of movement can reduce your risk of early death by up to 35%. (source). Use the cold weather to your advantage and burn more calories outside the house. So, why must we give up the good habit of moving during the holidays?

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2. Plan ahead for fitness during holiday travels

It is important not to take fitness during the holidays for granted. Simple actions like booking with a fitness center in the hotel, inviting friends or relatives for a quick exercise or even wearing a pedometer to ensure your moving enough will do. A small plan can take you a long way in being fit when you are busy enjoying a good holiday. Learn more tips to be fit during travelling and have a great time!

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3. Have a small meal before going out

By doing so, you will not overeat or overindulge when you are at a party due to temptation. Yes, you can give into temptations at times but be careful not to make it a habit. When you eat beforehand, you will also ensure that you aren’t depriving yourself of the nutrients or the calories that your body actually needs for the day.

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4. Do not skip meals

It is common to hear your friends or relatives say that they are skipping a meal as they want to enjoy all the treats at a party or gathering later. It is advisable to not follow that because cutting on a meal naturally leads to you eating more when you get the next chance. Also, come out of the notion that skipping a meal today compensates for overeating the previous day. Your body does not work like that! Eat small meals more often and choose what you indulge on carefully!

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5. Drink tons of water (sorry, not alcohol or caffeinated drinks)

Water is the essence of life. Our body is made up of water and so to maintain daily activities, it needs a lot of water. The only way to give your body that is to drink lots of water. It helps with calorie control, keeps you hydrated, manages fluid balances within the body and aids in metabolic reactions. (Well, don’t you need a good metabolic rate if you have just indulged in a special treat and you want to avoid another piece? :)) Replace alcohol and other drinks with water. Alcohol, caffeinated drinks and others are just increasing the calorie intake hugely on top of what you have already consumed through the day. You’ll be careful, won’t you?!. (source)

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6. Manage your stress levels

Stress raises cortisol, affects your insulin, and makes fat burning a tough process. Stressing is only going to make your life that much harder. When we give into temptations a few times, it is necessary to increase the fat burning more efficient for which we need to be calm. Have a good chat with your family or friends, or step out of the house. Whatever makes you feel good, go ahead and use the holidays to fulfill it. There is no better time than the holidays! Wish you good luck with enjoying your sumptuous meal and burning it fast! (source)

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7. Try out healthier recipes

Don’t worry about this one, YoRipe is here to help! Start by finding healthier versions of the food that you love. In this way, you get to eat what you love but just the healthier version, with lesser calories. Check out the YoRipe app, set your goals in accordance with your holiday eating plan and be amazed with the vast variety of healthy cooking options we have for you. Cooking at home not only helps you eat healthier, but increases the family bonding time when done together and gives a good feeling of satisfaction. Are you headed to the kitchen? 🙂 (source)

Looking for more inspiration and ways to be healthy this holiday season? Learn how to replace your daily carbs and how to substitute sugars with healthier options so that you can cut your sugar cravings. Have you considered cooking at home one of these days?Check out the variety of dishes under NETFLIX AND CHILL or in the Yoripe app that you can make and still have a good time! Want some more inspiration on what recipes to make quickly and easily to spend more time bonding with your family? They are yours to enjoy! Download the Yoripe app today see how you can transform your way of eating into a healthy, stress-free journey!

Enjoy the holiday season!

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