To minimise food waste, we have created our own compost using food scraps which is used as fertiliser for our plants. It is a simple setup using a plant pot with a saucer, which we leave in a shady area outside our house.

Food scraps are collected in a container before making the compost. To keep away unwanted pests and to keep it natural, we only use food scraps from vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, rotten uncooked food and egg shells, also food without seasonings. The smell is almost odourless.

To create the compost, layer the base with a portion of soil, followed by a portion of food scraps and cover with a portion of browns (dried leaves and branches) water it once a day. Stir it up after 3 weeks so that it can decompose evenly. The compost water is collected from the saucer everyday and used as fertiliser water for the plants. It typically takes around 3 to 6 months to become compost soil that can be used for growing plants. The end product is dark brown, feels soft and crumpy. And I actually love the smell of the fresh soil!

If you prefer something more hassle free, you can look for sealed compost bins which can be put in the kitchen.

compost 2

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Author Josephine (Instagram: @eatsimply02)