Hello everyone, I’m Zanne, commonly known as Simlet Mama in the social media community. I am a mummy of two kids who are 4.5 and 2.5 years old.

We started incorporating meatless meals into our diet since two years ago. It started with my sister, who embraced the culture of non-meat birthday celebrations. It resonated with me to celebrate a joyous occasion without the presence of animals. We started looking out for nice plant-based meals and was surprised at how exciting and delicious these meals can be. 

I started reading more about the meatless meals and the fact that we could do a part to combat climate change just by going plant-base once a week prompted me to take it seriously. Livestock production produces a huge amount of greenhouse gas emissions. That aside, it is definitely healthy to go for regular clean eating meals.

In my Instagram account which I will gradually incorporate into the Yoripe app are plant-base meal ideas which I termed it as “Plant Power Mondays”. For kids who love creamy stuff, carbonara sauce made with cashew cream, avocado carbonara and blended pumpkin risotto are good substitutes. Who doesn’t like yummy and crispy food? Plant-base fish fillets/ crab cakes/ nuggets etc. from reputable brands such as Gardein and Quorn taste just as great. I usually air-fry them according to the packaging instructions and the kids love it. It is definitely healthier to have these regular “Kids-Meals” alternatives at home without too much processed meat and oil. 

Kids are usually attracted to colourful food as well. Dons and bowls are good plant base options for me. I usually include a variety of vegetables; a plant-base protein and sauce to complete the dish. Roasted sweet potatoes and carrots roasted with light miso paste for example, are good ways to add depth to the vegetables to make them exciting. It is also possible to make popular Asian food with plant-base meals as well. I have cooked plant base mapo tofu, “minced meat noodles”, udon, pho soup and sushi etc. 

I strongly believe that a big part of the children’s impression of food is formed by the care-takers own experiences. I have not instilled a teaching in them that there must be meat in every meal in order for it to be tasty. So far, they have never questioned the absence of meat in certain meals either and I have seen them enjoying plant-based meals like any other meals as well. Having said that, my boy (the younger one) is unpredictable and a true fussy eater. There are definitely meals, including plant-base ones which he rejects and we will resort in adding a scramble egg, melted cheese or cream for him to accept the meal. All in all, it’s all about having an exciting gastronomic experience be it dining at home or outdoors and we hope that the kids can grow up embracing meatless meals as part of their lives. For myself, I am definitely looking forward to get inspiration for meatless meals from other homecooks in this community. Thank you.

For more plant-based meal ideas check out our Vegetarian Recipes and Vegan Recipes under Diet section in YoRipe App.   

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Author Zanne Goh (Instagram: @simletseat)