When should parents start weaning their babies? How should they start? How does one even ensure that their baby is getting enough nutrients?

On 28 March 2020 (Saturday), we sought to answer some of these questions on that very topic: Food & Nutrition for babies aged 6-24 months. By bringing together a group of experts and fellow mothers, and gathering questions from our participants, we hosted an interactive video livestream for parents around Singapore.

Left to Right: Ms Xinyan Fang, Dr Leo Hamilton, Dr Verena Tan
Not in photo: Ms Michelle Hon

Our speakers consisted of Dr Leo, a paediatrician at Kids Clinic @ Novena; Dr Verena Tan, nutritionist, principal dietitian and founder at Pinnacle Nutriton; Ms Michelle Hon, author and entrepeneur at Mom Boss Academy. YoRipe’s founder, Ms Xinyan Fang, also helped moderate the event.

We sincerely thank our speakers and participants for helping to make the whole event possible. It was really fun and insightful to share tips and support fellow parents! Special thanks to The Asian Parents and Core Collective as well, for helping to promote and support the event too!

Ms Michelle Hon sharing her experience as a mother of 3

For those who did not manage to catch it live, not to worry! Here is the full summary of the tips that was shared and discussed by everyone involved. If you would like to watch the full dialogue, you can find it below.