PS: Snacks included!

As more people stay at home during the circuit breaker period, online grocers are having a hard time meeting the growing demand of online shoppers. We believe everyone should have access to fresh produce and groceries so we put up a list of hidden gems still delivering in Singapore!


Le Petit Depot

Le petit depot is an online grocery store with a focus on french products. You can find everything you need from vegetables, meats and of course, bread and viennoiseries.

YoRipe’s Grocery Basket

We partnered with local businesses, logistics providers and food suppliers to bring you the best quality of fresh produce directly from pasir panjang. Get a huge basket of quality produce, fish fillets and condiments to feed up to 3 pax for 4 meals. Order here: bit.ly/orderyoripebasket

Little Farms

Little Farms provides fresh and high quality produce. If you are looking for Australian products, this will definitely be the place.

Greek Kouzina

Greek Kouzina bring the sunny Greece to singapore with their olive oil, fine vinegar, stuffed olives and other specialty products!

The Meat Club ($50 off with min purchase)

The Meat Club directly import high quality meats from Australia. You’ll find a large variety of beef, poultry, pork as well as vegetarian options.

Song Fish

Song Fish sells quality frozen fish and shellfish products. From wild caught salmon to lobster, find the gem to cook for your next dinner.

Sasha’s Fine Food

Sasha’s Fine Food import a wide range of carefully sourced products. You’ll find everything you need for the pantry, as well as high quality local and imported meat and other specialty products.


Mindfulco is a family owned business that delivers high quality and local meats.

Superfood, Snacks & Cakes

LVL (10% OFF in YoRipe)

If you are looking for superfoods or a immunity boost, look for LVL’s blends and powders! LVL provides a large variety of powders and super foods, from chia seeds to baobab powder and more.

Simpliigood (10% OFF in YoRipe)

Simpliigood deliver fresh spirulina to your door. If you need a boost in plant based protein, iron and B12, give it a try. What is spirulina? it’s an algae that’s tasteless (while fresh) and can be mixed with any smoothie, or even added to your baking creations. Find recipes in YoRipe app.

Pili Nuts (10% OFF in YoRipe)

Pili Nuts are exquisite nuts from volcanoes. You can make vegan mash, butter or add to any salad as they are really nutritious! A true superfood, find them on GTCLife’s shop as well as other specialty products.

Seriously Keto

Seriously Keto offers delicious treats to all keto dieters (and other non keto people!). They craft and deliver delicacies such as cupcakes, spreads and breads.

Hope you’ve found a grocer that suits your needs, in the meantime, you can still try our kitchen feature to help you cook with what you just bought. Tell us what you have in the fridge, and we’ll give you recipe ideas 🙂