Rules and Regulations




Keat Hong Community Club Women’s Executive Committee


Preliminary Round
Submission of video will be open to all categories between
20 April 2021 to 7 August 2021, 11.59pm.

Announcement of Finalist:
31 August 2021, 11.59pm

Final Round:
To be announced on a later date.

Announcement of winners:
To be announced on a later date.

Due to the current safe measurements in place, this year’s competition will be conducted on virtual platforms. 

Preliminary Round
Teams need to submit the following on the event page by 7th August 2021:

1. Name of Sandwich
2. Write-up of up to 200 words on the sandwich’s relation to the theme of ‘OUR Hawker Culture’.
3. Video: 3 minutes maximum length

Video requirements:
1. Each team will submit a video of a maximum of 3 minutes long.
In the 3 minutes, teams are to present their sandwich that has been prepared in advance.

The video MUST include:
-Names of the participants
-Name of the sandwich

-Interpretation of the theme of the competition through the sandwich

To take note:

1.Videos submitted will be uploaded as soon as they submit their entry on the event page ( will be by the Organiser.  If you have submitted your video but your video is not uploaded as of 7th August 2021, 11.59pm, please contact the Organiser ([email protected])

2. The judging criteria would be 50%(judges) and 50%(online voting).  

3. Online voting will end on 7th August 2021, 11.59pm at

2. The judging criteria would be 50%(judges) and 50%(online voting).  

3. Online voting will end on 7th August 2021, 11.59pm at

4. Only 10 teams from each category will advance to the Finals.
5. Results of the Preliminary Round will be emailed to the participants and schools respectively in August. 

Finals-Saturday, TBD

Group A – Primary 5 to 6 students
9.00am-10.30 am

Group B – Secondary 1 and 2 students
11.00 am-12.30 pm

Group D- Tertiary ( ITE/ SHATEC / Polytechnic Full time Students only)

Group C – Secondary 3, 4 and 5 students & Group E – Choa Chu Kang GRC Residents

To take note:
1. 1 week before the Finals, the Organiser will email the Zoom link that for teams in the category to cook simultaneously.

2. All teams are given 40 minutes to cook and prepare their sandwiches. They are then given 2 minutes to present their sandwich. 

3. All teams must adhere strictly to the rules and regulations.
4. Results of the Finals will be announced on 7th August July 2021. Winners will also be notified via email.  

5.Online voting for Finals will stop on 7th of August 2021,11.59pm

6.. The judging criteria would be 70%(judges) and 30%(online voting). 

7. Results are final.



Open to all full-time students (Primary, Secondary, ITE, SHATEC and Polytechnic] and Choa Chu Kang GRC Residents.
(Members of the organising committee, judges, sponsors are not eligible to participate.)



Group A – Primary 5 to 6 students

Group B – Secondary 1 and 2 students 

Group C – Secondary 3, 4 and 5 students

Group D- Tertiary ( ITE/ SHATEC / Polytechnic Full time Students only)

Group E – Choa Chu Kang GRC Residents


Group Size

Max 2 participants per team (Cat A,B,C,D & E)


Maximum Groups Participating



Registration Fee

S$10 per group



All participants must utilize at least 1 Hawker food element. 

For Group A to C only: 

Aprons, kitchen gloves, hairnet/chef’s hat and school attire / PE (for students) are to be worn throughout the competition. Please note that points will be deducted if failure to put on any of the required items throughout the competition eg – hairnet/chef’s hats, apron (for hygiene reason) 

If students are in public space during the Finals, please respect the social distancing requirement for COVID-19 (1m apart).


Food Preparation

We allow participants to pre-cook items like boiling of potatoes, eggs, poultry, seafood etc., prior to the competition. However, cutting of the pre-cooked items such as potatoes, eggs etc or decorating and carving of the food items have to be done on the spot. 


Meal Presentation

Completed meals should be shown clearly to the camera so judges can see them over Zoom.



Maximum budget for ingredients is S$25 per group at their own expense.


Final dish submission (for online voting)

Finalists are required to submit on the day of Final competition:
1. Minimum 1 picture of their final meal presentation (up to 6 pictures)
2. Along with a short description (i.e. their inspiration (and/or elaboration) for the sandwich

3. Upload the picture(s) and description to YoRipe App for online voting


Time Allocation

40 minutes (cooking time)
2 minutes (presentation)

Finalists need to log on to Zoom meeting 10 mins before their session start time


Registration & E-Payment deadline:
7th July 2021

Registration steps:
1. Scan the QR code (at the bottom of the page) or use the link provided


2. Follow the step by step instructions and make the E-Payment

3. Fill up the SG Registration form and indicate the receipt number
4. You will receive a briefing Zoom link via email upon successful registration (recommend to attend on preliminary round how to)
5. The email will also explain what the participants need to prepare for the preliminary round 



Participants’ discretion: i.e. Home or School


Marking Criteria (For Finals)

70% Judges
Food Presentation and creativity – 40 Points
Preparation and Food Hygiene: 20 Points
Explanation and write-up of sandwich: 40 Points

30% Public voting


Prizes for all categories 

Each Category:
Champion: Trophy for school + customized prizes for participants + $250 worth vouchers/prizes
1st runner up: Customized prizes for participants + $200 worth vouchers/prizes
2nd runner up: Customized prizes for participants + $150 worth vouchers/prizes


  1. The organiser will not be responsible for any loss, damage of property or injury during the competition. 
  2. The organiser reserves the right to amend any rules and regulations with prior notice.
  3. Results will be announced on the same day of the competition. Winners must be present to collect their prizes. All unclaimed prizes will be donated to charity.
  4. Light refreshments will be provided to all participants.
  5. The judges’ decision is final. No further correspondences, queries and appeal will be entertained.