SG Cookathon 2020 is a community effort

Supporting Organiser


WEBUY, a social e-commerce platform, wants its consumers to eat healthier and be happier.  Going by the saying that “Sharing is fun”, WEBUY goes directly to the suppliers, negotiates for better prices by buying in bulk and passes on the savings to the community via group buys.


Lee Kum Kee

With the mission of “Promoting Chinese Cuisines Worldwide”, Lee Kum Kee provides over 200 choices of sauces and condiments to over 100 countries and regions worldwide.


Malaysia Dairy Industries (MDI) is the leading dairy and beverage company with a wide range of products including MARIGOLD HL Milk, MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH and VITAGEN.  Since our inception over 50 years ago, we have grown to become the largest dairy producer in Singapore

MARIGOLD HL Milk is Singapore’s No. 1 Pasteurised Low Fat Milk.

MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH is Singapore’s No. 1 Pasteurised Juice.

MARIGOLD UHT Milk is Singapore’s No. 1 UHT Milk.


MARIGOLD HL Milk, the first high-low milk to be introduced in Singapore in 1988, is an established and trusted brand which remains the No. 1 selling low fat milk after all these years, a distinction that reaffirms consumers’ unfading confidence in the brand. MARIGOLD HL Milk is great-tasting milk that is specially formulated for a healthier lifestyle. It is high in calcium & protein, low in lactose & fat, fortified with 9 vitamins and unique BonePlus formulation, making it more than just a glass of milk. MARIGOLD HL Milk has the perfect balance of nutrients for everyone in the family. Drink 2 glasses of MARIGOLD HL Milk daily for a bone-healthy diet.


MARIGOLD Yoghurt, Singapore’s No. 1 yoghurt brand, is a delicious and healthy treat that’s been specially formulated to promote a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. It contains live probiotic cultures for a healthy digestive system, is loaded with calcium for stronger bones and teeth and has no added colouring or artificial sweeteners. Carrying the Healthier Choice Logo awarded by the Health Promotion Board, MARIGOLD Yoghurt offers a wide variety of plain and fruity flavours to cater for everyone in the family.

MARIGOLD Yoghurt. Goodness From Inside Out.

Singapore Food Agency

The lead government agency for food-related matters, its mission is “Safe food for all” and focuses on three “food baskets” – 1) Diversify import sources  2) Grow local  3) Grow overseas.

SG Fresh Produce


Locally certified as a Brand of Singapore.

Established more than 30 years ago, SōngHè is a trusted homegrown brand that offers

quality-assured products for the everyday Singaporean.


Voted & awarded ‘Most Trusted Brand (Rice Category)’ by consumers from 2010 to 2020,

SōngHè has become and still remains as one of Singapore’s most beloved brands—being

voted and awarded ‘Influential Brand’ in 2015 and 2019.

As it actively participates in giving back to the people, SōngHè hopes to continue

contributing to building a healthier community and maintaining a sustainable food culture for the generation of today and tomorrow.

RiceField Rice Bran Oil

Underrated, high quality rice bran oil.

Antioxidant-rich, heart-healthy and versatile for all types of cooking.

Trans Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, High in Unsaturated fats,

Contains Oryzanol –  a natural antioxidant that fights free radicals better than Vitamin E, only found in rice bran oil.

Try it with salads, simple pan frying and even deep frying today! Your heart will thank you for it!

San Remo

San Remo has epitomised the culture and tradition of pasta making since its inception in 1936. Founded by Luigi Crotti, the brand is still owned and managed by the third generation of the Crotti family. 

Since the very beginning, San Remo has  always believed that in good times or bad, a great pasta meal has the power to bring people together.  And as we laugh, cry and love around the dinner table, these moments become part of our family’s story.

The Food Producer

The Food Producer spreads the knowledge, passion and love for food by producing new concepts of food content in all forms.  YoRipe curated this virtual festival programme in partnership with The Food Producer.