The conscious festival

YoRipe at The Conscious Festival

2-3 November, South Beach Singapore
11am to 7pm

Come down to be surprised and informed by over 100 conscious vendors, artists and talks that are going to be present on both days. Not only that, there are going to be various fun activities for both adults and kids, so don’t hesitate to bring your whole family for a fun-filled day with lots of learning. You may go back home a different person after learning about the ways our environment is being abused but with a hope that you can play your part in bringing about a change, something YoRipe holds as a core value!

YoRipe x GTCL

We at YoRipe and with our friends from GTC Life, we join the festival to help you make an impact with your diet. Wondering how?

With delicious conscious recipes, ingredient alternatives and substitutes. A lot of the food that you eat leaves a huge carbon footprint, and that plays a part in being conscious.

Ready to make an impact?

YoRipe: Let’s be like the Game Changers!

The Game Changers is a Netflix documentary about an athlete trying to find the misconceptions about eating right and exploring the avenues of vegan eating for better performance. It is a must watch if you have not seen it. 

Overall eating fresh and healthy food is good for you and planning groceries thereby reducing food wastage is good for the environment. But we all work so hard and look for convenience, so how to make an impact progressively?

Let’s not turn vegan yet.
But how to make an impact with your diet?

We will help with that. Use YoRipe to cut out some meat (pick them as dislikes) and get easy recipes. We will help you find good asian and local substitutes/alternatives to meet your tastes and the right nutrients your body needs if you plan to turn vegan.
And if you’re already vegan and you are looking for more variety or gluten free recipes, feel free to browse the app for delicious recipes.

Eat well, Waste less

Currently, 1/3rd of the food that is produced is being wasted. We will help you cook according to how many people you want to serve thereby making an effort to reduce this wastage.

Helping you get recipes with what’s available in your fridge and is expiring first is our next mission!

Lucky Draw: Win a vegetarian cooking class

We will also be having a lucky draw for those who download the app and the lucky winner will be given a chance to get a vegetarian cooking class worth $120 at Commune Kitchen.

Even if you don’t win this lucky draw, it is okay. Check out the other Vegetarian and Vegan cooking classes in Singapore and attend one so that you can MAKE AN IMPACT.

Apart from us, there are various other booths with their story on how they want to contribute to being conscious. The event will have various other happenings which are not to be missed.

The Conscious Festival: The village

With over 100 brands, artists and change-makers who are doing good in the world, the Village is a 360-degree immersive experience into living more consciously.

Some of our friends will be there too:

Level Life Moringa Nutritional supplements

GTC Life
A sustainable wellness company which aims at improving the health of the customers and that of the farmers they work with thereby preserving bio-diversity in ecosystems. From superfoods that can ease your stress to skincare that can love your skin, your ought to find the perfect product that you are looking for. Do your part by trying them out! Find out the wide range of brands and products they offer here.

Devoted to creating natural and artisanal cheese. Crafted with love in Singapore, their cheese is raw and plant based. Vegan? Look out for the vegan cheese. Conscious? Then all their products are your to enjoy! Want cheese? Here you go: http://kroodi.com/

LEVEL.Life‘s products are functional plant based drinks and powders that can be integrated into your daily life, effortlessly. It’s natural, convenient and functional.
Thirsty to know more? Check them out.

Learn more about the village at: https://greenisthenewblack.com/festival/thevillage/

The Conscious Festival: Talks

Game changing talks and panel discussions about the most pressing concerns currently faced. Come one person, leave another. Some of the topics include climate change and renewable energy, these talk ought to change the way you think.

Learn more at: https://greenisthenewblack.com/festival/talks-2/

The Conscious Festival: Workshops

Engaging workshops with experts sharing sustainable practices and improving your overall sense of health and wellness. A feast for your mind and motivation! Dancing, meditation, cycling and lots more! What are you waiting for?

Learn more at: https://greenisthenewblack.com/festival/workshop/

The list does not stop here! Come down for to feel refreshed, have a new perspective about being conscious and do your part! Looking for more information about the festival? Checkout this page: https://greenisthenewblack.com/festival/

We really look forward to seeing you there!

Start being more conscious! Avoid meat progressively by setting up your dislikes. Get plant-based ideas, a grocery list that helps you get to cooking faster, share ideas and your list with friends and family.. All in one free app.

You can make an impact too. Made your call? Then, download the Yoripe app and choose Vegan diet. We have Vegan breakfast ideas, Kid-friendly Vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes and so many more ways to help with your meal prep.

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