#Adulting comes with freedom and power, but also responsibilities as we need to make more decisions on our own. Especially after the transition from living with our parents to having my own apartment, suddenly I felt overwhelmed by the number of small decisions I need to make on a daily basis, even thinking of what to eat for dinner can be a hassle. So I decided to list down the pros & cons of different options so the decision-making would be easier and hopefully result to a higher level of satisfaction.

1. Buy something (ta pao) from nearby food court or an eatery on my way back 

Pros: Fast and cheap 

Cons: Limited options as I’m really eager to go home and do not want to carry my food for a long time. Given the selection of hawker food, there’s very few healthy options and are low-carbs.

2. Look into my fridge and cook something with what I have

Pros: I don’t have to buy anything new 

Cons: I won’t know what I have before I reach home because I don’t remember everything I bought over the weekend. I also sometimes can’t be creative with eggs, cucumber and cheese.

3. Go to a supermarket on the way home

Pros: Get to pick what I want to eat based on my craving and how I feel. Save on what’s on offer for the day. 

Cons: Take time to shop. Also sometimes I do not know what to cook, and I’m tired of eating the same few dishes that I can cook.

4. Food delivery

Pros: Probably the option that requires the least effort

Cons: Take time to decide on what to order. Too many options. When the food arrives, it’s lukewarm and not in its best quality. I might over-order to meet the minimum delivery requirement and result in wasting. The packaging of food is not environmentally friendly either.

5. Find a friend and have dinner in a restaurant

Pros: Get to catch up with friends! Treat myself to something nice. No waste of packaging and no dish washing required. 

Cons: Probably the most expensive options on the list. I might need to compromise on what I eat if my friend wants to eat something completely different from my cravings. Eating out can be tiring too and takes up more time.

6. Meal-plan for the week and buy groceries in advance

Pros: Higher chance of eating at home, healthier meals and no stress during the week.

Cons: Schedule might change and I might waste the fresh ingredients that don’t last long if I can’t cook as often as I plan that week.

Hey, we even have some tips for you if you want to get started on meal prep!
By the way, mealprep can be yummy too.


After experiencing all the options above, personally, I prefer going to a supermarket before I cook that day. Because I would only buy what I need, it’s fresher and less waste.

I would also check YoRipe (in the bus to the supermarket) to browse recipes that match my mood of the day or go to Fast Dinner section to get quick recipes within 30 minutes. 

And when I’m in the supermarket and see ingredients on offer that I don’t know what to make with it, I would open the app again and search for matching recipes. 

I also enjoy cooking so I feel cooking for about 30 – 45 minutes after a long day of work in front of my laptop is a good way to wind down the day.  Do you have other creative solutions to solve the “what to eat for dinner” question? Please share with us and I hope more people would find the solution that works best for them. 🙂