Casted your vote and feel accomplished? Excited about the result? We’ve got ideas for you to root for your party – with food of course. (🤤) 

These recipes are closely matched to the color of party symbols (this is how we tried to narrow down the options from our over 1,800+ recipes of our library), they are relatively easy or are dishes that you can prepare in advance. They are also good for sharing so your family and friends can get refuelled with as the results get revealed tonight. 🙂

Order (Left to right, by column)

Nasi Kerabu

The beautiful blue rice just brims with fragrance, the striking blue colour of the rice is extracted from butterfly pea flowers and the fragrance comes from the rich herbs it is cooked with. Dish your plate with a mound of rice, fresh herbs, vegetables, delicious Ayam Percik, salted egg, grated coconut and a dollop of sambal belacan! Don’t just stare and adore this kaleidoscope platter, make this Kelantan speciality for your family and they will be hooked!

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Healthylicious Oatmeal

This high fiber and protein packed goodness takes less than 15 mins to prep and it’s easily customisable to your choice of toppings. A perfect guilt-free comforting late night snack!

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Mala Xiang Guo

Spicy food enthusiasts like us will find themselves helplessly drawn to the devilishly hot indulgence that is Mala Xiang Guo (mala stir-fry pot). The dish is also a great way to finish off any extra ingredients in the fridge! More (chili emoji x 3), less food waste. 😇

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Sweet and Sour Omnimeat

Make this restaurant style dish at home like a pro with our chef’s personal tips. You can use any meat you like or go meat-free with plant-based options. More <3 for our 🌏.

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Butterfly Pea Flower Chiffon Cake

Give your chiffon cake a new look with this creative recipe! Enjoy something special yet still comforting. You can decorate the cake with Rosemary herb to add a hint of Mediterranean vibe. ☀️

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Beetroot Hummus

The beautiful purple robe comes from Betalain in the beetroot, it’s a powerful antioxidant. They can help promote immunity, protect your cells from free radicals, as well as provide a range of potential health benefits such as having anti-cancer benefits and protection against several chronic diseases associated with aging. Another key ingredient is Chickpeas, it contains high amounts of non-haem iron which can help replenish your iron stores, allowing you to reverse both the iron deficiency and also good to fight against hair loss. Simple and good for you recipe.

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Chili Garlic Butter Prawns

This quick 15 mins recipe is so easy to make and the taste is rich and spicy! Great for a family meal, the chili garlic butter sauce is quite addictive, make sure there’s enough rice to go around. 🙂

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Satay Chicken

You can impress your friends by cooking satay chicken at the comfort of your home! Save the hassle of putting the meat onto a satay stick and just cut it into small cubes so that everyone enjoys them covered in the yummy sauce. What’s better – we reduced the amount of sugar, oil and salt in this recipe to make it healthier.

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Hainanese Pork Chop Pot Pie

If light pastry atop piping hot pork chop stew is your thing, you have to try this Hainanese version of the pot pie! A great dish for sharing and we guarantee the sense of achievement.

Red Snapper in Tomato Herb Stock

For the fish lover – irresistible fresh steamed red snapper in an aromatic tomato herbal stock! A simple, healthy and cosy dish to be enjoyed with brown rice.

Fig date donuts

This energising, fun looking snack would surely satisfy your craving and recharge your body. Figs are rich in minerals and a good source of antioxidants, while dates are a natural sweetener and high in nutritional value, giving you the calories you need for energy.

Strawberry Jelly Mousse Cake

This cake is to be made with love. The 3 layer composition gives an interesting texture – oreo cookie base, strawberry mousse and agar agar jelly. Give yourself and your family a sweet treat. ❤️

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