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Working from home for the week but too lazy to plan what you want to eat?

Don’t worry! Let us help you decide with our special Work-From-Home Meal Plan!

The recipes featured in this meal plan have been carefully picked so you can maximize your time working from home as well as be able to always have extra time to sit down to nutritionally balanced meals made up of the 5 Essential Food Groups – to help boost your immunity and keep you up and working hard throughout the day.

Want to make this meal plan yours? Get Immunity Booster recipes in the app now!

If you decide you want to try making your own meal plan for your next work-from-home week, you can just follow these easy tips:

  1. Choose dishes with a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables
  2. Go for lean cuts when choosing dishes with meat & poultry
  3. When choosing dishes for the day, have a good mix of ingredients from the 5 Essential Food Groups (grains, vegetables, fruit, protein, dairy)
  4. Try to avoid dishes that require deep-frying

You can find more information about Diets and Immunity in our article HERE.

Stay safe, eat well and remember to always wash your hands and practice social distancing everyone!