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YoRipe Academy is a free program by YoRipe. This program will give you theoretical and practical experience to enhance your cooking and content creation skills. Have a chance to connect with fellow home cooks and professionals too.

Learn and share your cooking ability

Connect with home cooks

Enhance your cooking and content creation skills

YoRipe Academy Second Cohort

About This Class

Unlock your kitchen skills and become a better homecook with YoRipe Academy

Knowing how to cook is a superpower! Discover the essential skills for excellent home cooking. You’ll learn practical techniques for delicious, reliable cooking with various ingredients. From herbs, veggies, meat, until edible food for dress up your plate. 

  • Ingredient selection so you can always improvise a delicious meal 
  • Knife skills for safe and efficient chopping, slicing, and dicing
  • Plating bring joy to the table with a little makeover for your food
  • Cooking philosophy fresh herbs for your food 

This class is for anyone who eats! Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or just picking up a skillet for the first time, you’ll walk away with a refreshed perspective and a solid understanding of how to make your time in the kitchen more fun and delicious. 

Class Syllabus
Exclusive class only in YoRipe App

Class Name and Teacher Agenda Date and Time Sign up link (only applicable when you've downloaded YoRipe App)
Grow Fresh Herbs by @mightygrace Get tips how to grow herbs to enchance your dishes or give a simple decor! 20 October 2022 https://yoripeapp.app.link/XZE4IOJq4tb
Choose the Freshest Vegetables and Fruits by @doris.is.me Take care your family by choosing the best veggies and fruits quality! 26 October 2022 https://yoripeapp.app.link/kTc4rkUq4tb
Cooking and Storing red meat Learn how to cook and store red meat perfectly 2nd week of November TBC
Choose and Cutting fish Fillet, skin off, and choose your fish 3rd week of November TBC
Edible Christmas plating Christmas is coming, decorate and plate your food to bring joy in your table 4th week of November TBC

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