Does your child have what it takes to be the next YoRipe Junior Master Chef?

Let the kids take over and let them show off their talents to the world!

YoRipe’s Junior Master Chef is a contest where kids can compete head-to-head with each other in a Cook-Off, showcasing their skills, abilities and creativity against other contestants and topping the event off with a fantastic Grand Prize!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Kids who might not wish to participate directly with the contest can also join in excitement by being a judge! Unleash the junior food critic in them as we let them decide which dish should be worthy to be claimed the winner!

For those who worry about how the event will be held, YoRipe takes high priority in everyone’s health and safety and we want to ensure that everyone gets to participate without any worries so we’re going to shake things up a little in this special event.

We’ll be hosting the Cook-Off through zoom so all participants can compete from the comfort of their own homes.

Diving into the details, our Master Chef contest would be split into 2 rounds: Preliminaries and the Cook-Off.

Nominees would submit a photo of dish made by themselves and should reflect the best of their current cooking abilities then tag us on social media to enter into the preliminary round

From there 5 nominees will be chosen from the preliminary round – with their dishes being judged from plating, creativity and ability. The Chosen 5 will then compete against each other at the Cook-Off for the grand prize and the title of YoRipe’s FIRST Junior Master Chef!

Preliminaries results

How to enter the preliminaries?

WHO can Enter:
Kids ages 7-12 yrs old
HOW to Enter the Event:
1. Upload a photo of a dish that your child has created using the hashtag #Yoripemasterchef in instagram/facebook/tiktok and tag @helloyoripe
3. 5 Finalists will then be announced on Monday 27 July and will COMPETE for the prize and title of YoRipe Junior Master Chef on 2 Aug @ 4pm

If you weren’t chosen, DON’T WORRY! You can join in the cooking event as a judge to help decide the winner and receive a judging goody pack too!!

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking and have FUN! We’re looking forward to seeing your creations! 😍

Submissions by our little contestants! (Noé, Elijah and jingmoomanoof)