YoRipe is your ally to be a better self; we are here to help you to become the person you want to be.

About us

We believe cooking is caring. And we empower people to lead happier lives through daily care for themselves and their loved ones. Often, we compromise our well-being for career goals but this is not sustainable. We know that we need to care more for ourselves, for our loved ones and for the environment. So our journey starts with nourishing our body with home-cooked food that are easy to make, tailored to each individual’s  lifestyle and complement our mood.

The team

Like more and more young adults in Singapore, we were tired of eating out. But we realised thinking about what to cook, not forgetting what to buy and not to waste expired food demand so much work! We were using different tools like googling recipes, saving recipes in notes, sending ourselves an email with the grocery list, so many steps! So when we learnt about YoRipe’s idea to become South East Asia’s first one-stop cooking & lifestyle platform, we definitely want to be part of it!

From left to right: Gabrielle Neveu (Digital Marketing), Rakhi (UX/UI), Isabel Ng (Marketing & Social Media), Teo En Qi (Marketing & Events), Ashna Kedia (Business), Shreya Gupta (Data Science), Xinyan Fang (Founder)

We want to build a meaningful product and are driven by fast growth. Our background is very different (range from business to hospitality, video games to digital marketing, software development to data science), so we enjoy learning new skills with and from each other!

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