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Simple Recipes & Collaborations

Create and share your simple (or advanced) home cooked recipes and help thousands of other cooks!

Lee Kum Kee x YoRipe

Lee Kum Kee x YoRipe Creators

Challenge: Recipe creation with new product samples
Prize: $100 worth FairPrice Vouchers

Samsung x YoRipe Creators

Recipe Creation for a Samsung Microwave

Sustenir x YoRipe Challenge

Friendly challenge that any home cook could take part in!
Prize: Sustenir products worth $100

Calling All Home Cooks!

Amazing home cooks sharing recipes with us since 2019


Instagram: 12k followers
YouTube: 51,000+ subscribers
Over 90 recipes in YoRipe


Instagram: 1,821 followers
Facebook: 8,124 followers
Participated in $ Brand Collaborations



Homecook, "Simple D' Joy"
Instagram: 179 followers
Over 10 recipes shared since Dec 20'
Won $100 worth FairPrice Vouchers



Cook . Bake . Kids & Baby . Allergy Mama
Instagram: 4k followers
Over 60 recipes in YoRipe
Participated in $ Brand Collaborations


Cooking / Baking, Recipe developer,
Instagram: 3k followers
Over 30 recipes shared since Sept 19'
Participated in $ Brand Collaborations


Cooking / Baking, passionate homecook,
Instagram: 0 to XXXk followers
Many recipes & tips to share
Looking to collaborate with brands, or not!

Anyone can become a creator

100 slots available

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