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Calling All Home Cooks!

Express yourself and make it easy for anyone to try every recipe you share.
PS: Anyone can be a creator!

How It Works

Get your recipes published in YoRipe App

Get your recipes seen by thousands of like-minded home cooks

Help new cooks by sharing your cooking experience

Share your experience and help others become better at cooking

Get exclusive perks & collaborate with brands

Participate in collaboration and become brand ambassadors

Simple Recipes & Collaborations

Create and share your simple (or advanced) home cooked recipes and help thousands of other cooks!

Gardenia Bread Pudding

Gardenia x YoRipe Creators

Recipe Creation for New Product

RedMart Creator Shoppable Launch

RedMart x YoRipe Creators

Launching New Shoppable Recipes through a cooking challenge
Prize: $100 worth RedMart Vouchers

Laughing Cow Contest

The Laughing Cow x YoRipe Challenge

Friendly challenge for any home cook!
Prize: The Laughing Cow products worth $50+

Calling All Home Cooks!

Amazing home cooks sharing recipes with us since 2019


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Homecook, "Simple D' Joy"
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Cooking / Baking, Recipe developer,
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Cooking / Baking, passionate homecook,
Instagram: 0 to XXXk followers
Many recipes & tips to share
Looking to collaborate with brands, or not!

Anyone can become a creator

Questions? Contact Jessica via jessica@yoripe.com

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Click on the “+ Share” button in the middle of the bottom bar in the app, then select “Cooking Story”.

Click on the “+ Share” button in the middle of the bottom bar in the app, then select “Recipe” and you’ll see a Google form for you to fill in the recipe details

For Cooking Story and Challenge Submission, you can view the post instantly on the Feed page. Note: Please update your app on App Store or Google Play store if you don’t see the Feed page as this is a new feature that we added in early March.


For Recipe, we’ve a review process (1 - 2 weeks) before the recipes are being added to the app. You’d get an update from our team when your recipes go live. 🙂

Cooking Story: record your daily cooking and baking moments and share your latest discovery or learning with the supportive and passionate community. It’s a short post on what’s been just cooked or baked in your kitchen.


Join a Challenge: isn’t it fun to cook or bake to a trending theme? Join a Challenge to try something new and connect with like-minded people. Challenge submission is a short post with description on why it’s fitting for the Challenge and include the Challenge hashtag. 


Recipe: inspire and enable more home cooks to learn from you. Recipes should include recipe name, ingredients (with quantity), steps and a picture of the dish. Please provide a link to recipe video if it’s available, however it’s not mandatory. 

We usually will check them ourselves if we see any mistakes. However, if you really want to recheck your recipes you can message Jessica the name you've submitted the recipes under and she’ll send them over.

We have many recipes queued up for import, so it will take around a week or so for your recipes to be released in the app

At first, they will simply be searchable in the app together with a link to your social media. But if you uploaded 8 or more recipes, they will be gathered up and placed in your new Featured Creator Profile. Your Profile will also have your credit link, profile picture and short description. NOTE: Featured Creator Profile IS NOT your YoRipe account, so your recipes will not appear in your YoRipe account.

That will be counted in your 8 recipes, but you are more than welcome to upload more!

Not necessary, you can start with recipes that you feel are lacking in the cooking community. 🙂