YoRipe Ambassador Program

We all know home cooked food is better: let's help our society to live better by cooking!

A YoRipe Ambassador is a volunteer who spreads the joy of cooking to their co-workers, friends, family and people in their neighbourhood, with the help of a YoRipe Ambassador pack. The pack contains contains digital posters, a personalised link and a tote bag (with some goodies!) that will help you encourage your neighbours, co-workers & loved ones to download YoRipe and start sharing.

How It Works

1. Join and get your YoRipe Ambassador Pack

Receive digital posters and physical goodies! Tote bag, badge, flyers 🙌

2. Spread the word and start making an impact

Share posters, post your cooking on YoRipe, social media & more! It's very fun 🙂

3. Get your story featured on our Social Media & Newsletter

Share how you made an impact of someone's life with cooking 🙂

YoRipe Ambassador Sharing

⏰ 10-15 mins per week
🙌 Get your posts featured on YoRipe’s Instagram / Newsletter
👍 Make an impact around you

YoRipe Ambassador
You'll makan what I cook

By becoming a YoRipe Ambassador, not only will you be sent a pack, you will also receive practical & impactful updates that will help you make the most out of your ambassador journey.

After submitting the form, we will contact you to arrange your Ambassador pack

Become an Ambassador and spread the joy of cooking!

Questions? Contact Gabrielle via [email protected] or whatsapp!

Know someone who'd like to spread the love of cooking?