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What are the "Recommended Recipes" based on?

These “Recommended Recipes” are curated for you based on your health goals, allergies, dietary preferences and cooking level; information that you shared with us when you sign up on the app.

How can I change my preferences?

So you want to switch to a low carb diet or cook more challenging recipes now?

Go to Profile > Change Goals or Diet and you’d be able to reselect your health goals, allergies, dietary preferences and cooking level!

Where are the recipes from?

Recipes featured in YoRipe are handpicked by our team. Our recipe partners include communities (Share Food; Singapore’s largest home cooked food recipe community, Ginger and Cilantro; family recipes), household brands (KnorrLee Kum KeeAyam BrandHokto KinokoModern Mum), artisanal brands (Kroodi; vegan cheese, LVL; 100% organic plant-based superfood powders, Pili Pushers; volcanic grown pili nuts) and Health Hub; healthy and simple recipes recommended by Health Promotion Board.

How can I tell if a recipe is not too difficult to make?

Don’t feel ready to make Popiah yet?

Each recipe is labelled Beginner, Intermediate to Advanced level. The level is shown when you click on a recipe. You can change your cooking level in your profile when you feel ready! We also have videos for recipes that have more steps and require more preparation.

Can I save a recipe? Where are my saved recipes?

Tap on the heart icon at the top right hand corner of the recipe card and the picture will be saved in your profile. Tap it again to unsave the recipe. All saved recipes are stored in your profile 🙂

Can my family member and/or helper use YoRipe?

Yes! YoRipe is built for the whole family including the helper to try dishes and plan meals to meet everyone’s preferences. Once your family member/helper downloaded the app and signed up, go to ‘Profile’ and invite them by email addresses. They can see your saved recipes & plan accordingly!

Is the time the cooking time, preparation time or total time?

The time shown in the app is the total time required to prepare each recipe. Often, recipes that takes over an hour requires preparation like marination. However, marination is often recommended and not mandatory so don’t be afraid to try recipes with longer duration. Take a quick glimpse at the steps to see the actual cooking time!

What are reviews and how do I benefit from them?

We all love reviews because those are authentic feedback from other users sharing their experiences, tips & tricks when preparing each dish. Reviews are also a great way for you to keep track of what you cooked and if you tweaked the recipes.

All reviewed recipes will be saved in your Profile!

What's 'Kitchen'?

This is our upcoming exciting feature! Don’t we all wish our fridge can remind us what we have so we don’t overbuy and struggle to finish the food before they go bad?

With Kitchen, you’ll receive recipe recommendations and reminders of expiry dates based on your ingredients!

Can I upload my own recipe?

We’re thrilled that you’d like to share your recipes with the community. 

Please send us a note at contact@yoripe.com and we’ll onboard you as a recipe contributor! Wouldn’t it be cool for your friends and family to see your recipe in the app?