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A place to inspire the community to cook, and in turn be inspired.

The "Feed" tab is to see everyone's latest recipes and cooking stories. Add in whatever home cooking or baking you have made, and share your creations proudly with the community! 🙂

Make a Cooking Story: record your daily cooking and baking moments and share your latest discovery or learning with the supportive and passionate community. It’s a short post on what’s been just cooked or baked in your kitchen.


Join a Challenge: isn’t it fun to cook or bake to a trending theme? Join a Challenge to try something new and connect with like-minded people. Challenge submission is a short post with description on why it’s fitting for the Challenge and include the Challenge hashtag. 


Send a Recipe: inspire and enable more home cooks to learn from you. Recipes should include recipe name, ingredients (with quantity), steps and a picture of the dish. Please provide a link to recipe video if it’s available, however it’s not mandatory. Enter your recipe here.

Learn to post in 5 simple steps:



1. Tap the Post button and choose a picture of your cooking in your Gallery


2. How did it go? Describe your cooking experience in a couple of words or more.


3. #Hashtags! Hashtags are the best way to promote your content to the community as they are linked to challenges. View available challenges in the Home tab. Some challenges even have special prizes for posts with the most kudos!


 4.  If you follow a recipe in the app, tag it! Make a recipe creator's day by showing how they had contributed to your cooking experience. 🙂


5. Finally, post! Share your post in other platforms and fill your notifications with kudos 👍👍👍


For Cooking Story and Challenge Submission, you can view the post instantly on the Feed page.


Alternatively, you can view them in your profile, under Cooking Stories.

A Challenge submission is a short post with description on why it’s fitting for the Challenge and include the Challenge hashtag. 


Some Challenges even has prizes attached, so share your Challenge Submission to get kudos to win!

Yes! Go to "Invite Family & Friends" in Profile and click on "Invite Someone" button. Type in their name and email address to send an invite!

Everything can be found in the Home Tab! Be adventurous and explore the library of recipes we have through many categories!

Make sure to update your YoRipe app to the latest build to enable "Delete" and other features to optimize your experience!


Currently, this feature is unavailable, however, we are hard at work preparing this feature for you, so stay tuned!