The weekend is almost here and what better way to spend it with your family!

But with the Covid situation still on high and everybody staying inside, things might get a little bit boring after awhile..

But it doesn’t have to be for long! YoRipe is here to give you 5 Fun Family-Friendly Cooking Ideas that you can do with your kids and loved ones! Spend the weekend with your children making these super fun recipes together.

1. Granola Breakfast Tart

These granola tarts look absolutely gorgeous and delicious! They’re also surprisingly simple to make! You can top them in with frozen yoghurt and fruit to make a refreshing, healthy treat during the hot Singapore days – a great replacement for ice cream too 🙂

2. Chocolate Banana Brownies

For those who’s kids LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate! This is the perfect treat for you to make~ Indulge in these Chocolate Banana Brownies when you’re staying home. And the best part? They’re actually made entirely of healthy ingredients such as yoghurt, honey, almond butter and bananas – providing you and your kids nutrients with every bite!

3. Choconana Cookies

Image by LVL

Everybody loves cookies and this one’s a special one. That’s because this one is filled with banana and chocolate-y goodness! A crunchy and yummy treat that contains cacao nibs, chia seeds, bananas and honey – giving you a big antioxidant boost as you continue to crunch through every last crumb!

4. Apple Pie

Now here’s a classic stay-at-home dessert to bake with your kids! Apple Pie! With a Crunchy crust outside and warm, buttery apple filling inside – your children will absolutely have a blast munching into this dessert as they would helping to bake it with you!

5. Cheese Tarts

Last but not least, the snack that has previously taken Singapore by storm: Cheese Tarts! Now you can make some for yourself too at home without stepping outside. Enjoy these scrumptious sweet and savory tarts with your loved ones – both kids and adults alike are guaranteed to be in favor of this delicious recipe.


Staying home doesn’t have to be boring after all. You can turn cooking into a fun activity that involves the whole family – we’ve all got the time in the world now, so why not give it a try this weekend?

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Stay safe everyone, remember to wash your hands and remember to have fun this weekend!