Let us try to remember the days when most of our meals were eaten at home. Absolute bliss, right? The same thing has become a luxury today, not something which money can buy but surely something time can. In the changing times today, it is not so easy to cook at home often considering a full-day job which tires one out. Wake up! A home cooked meal can actually make you feel charged up, give you more nutrition, better well-being and lots more. Here, we have listed down a few aspects which we should all take some time to reflect upon and understand why a home cooked meal was the best and still is. YoRipe is there to make your meal prep enjoyable and simpler. You can also learn to make Vegetarian/ Vegan recipes at home easily by attending the best Vegan and Vegetarian cooking classes in Singapore!

1. Enjoy healthier food

When we cook at home, we personally choose what we get to eat. Hence there is a control over what we add. This ensures that we naturally reduce calorie intake as a visual warning is given to us during the process of cooking. Think about it, do you know how much oil or the number of spoons of sugar is added when you eat out? We have healthy chicken breast recipes to lose weight, steamed food recipes, kid friendly vegan recipes and vegan breakfast ideas just for you!

2. Control of Cost

It is more expensive to eat out rather than cook at home. When we eat at a restaurant, we pay for not only the food, but also for the costs of running that business. This may include the salary, electricity and much more. The same goes for the ready to eat food at the grocery stores. When we eat at home, we have the liberty to plan carefully ahead thereby saving money.

3. Control hygiene and food safety

Although restaurants and canteens undergo safety inspections, people still fall ill. It is always better to be safe than sorry. By cooking at home, we also have the satisfaction of cleanliness which otherwise we will not get by eating out. After all, it is our body and hence our duty to keep it healthy. Why not cook at home and make a step towards that?

4. Brings family together

When you eat together as a family, it allows for more time to bond. Cooking together gives a sense of joy too! It is not so difficult when you do it together. Also, involving your children to help with small aspects of cooking  is a fun activity rather than them sitting with the phones. Do you get enough time with your loved ones and talk about your day? Use cooking as a way to bond!

5. Improve mental health

Cooking with friends, family or loved ones is a great way to relieve stress, create conversation, and make fun memories. It is said that cooking is self-care which is most basic and nourishing. The creativity that comes along with the meal you made on your own will make you feel refreshed. Now go, get that feeling of accomplishment!

6. Maintain Nutrition

You are the master of the kitchen. You choose how your food is prepared- like avoiding over cooking or frying. In this way, you can even enjoy your favorite food but the healthier way. You can add more range of veggies and fruits to your food and choose the quality too. Eating freshly prepared food is higher in nutrition than the ones stored and eaten much later.

2. Personalized Recommendation Enabling You to Achieve Your Goals. (3)

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